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Client Testimonials

My client and I appreciated your approach, time and commitment.

I am pleased to have found “new talent,” and a new “go to” for future mediations.

Linda did a fine job of successfully mediating a pre-litigation (religious and race discrimination) case to resolution, to the satisfaction of both parties. Her low-key style of mediation made the client comfortable and facilitated the mediation process.

Linda Klibanow is a dedicate professional that will work tirelessly to assist the parties in reaching a fair and equitable resolution.

Ms. Klibanow has qualities of an excellent mediator. She is a good listener and communicator, has knowledge of the law, and patience. She successfully mediated a case which I thought would not be settled outside of court. I highly recommend her.

Linda Klibanow is an extremely effective mediator. She put into our case a tremendous amount of time and effort in achieving a result acceptable to all parties.

Ms. Klibanow thoroughly reviewed the briefs and quickly understood the facts and issues in dispute. She connected well with the parties and was instrumental in helping resolve the case.

Ms. Klibanow is incomparable. Never had a better mediation experience. Highest marks. Cannot say enough to sing her praises.

It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Klibanow. Through her in depth understanding of the legal issues and the personalities of the parties, we were able to come to a fair and final resolution of a strongly contested litigation.

Linda was an insightful, tenacious and creative mediator who worked tirelessly — late into the night and for several days after the scheduled mediation — to broker the deal. She was able to find a solution that satisfied multiple parties with diverse and conflicting interests.

Linda was brilliant. When all seemed to be lost she encouraged us to stay at it. In the end she had to make a mediators proposal. The proposal reflected a keen insight into what was most important to my client and how to achieve it. Everyone benefited from her dedication and discerning mind. Amazing!

While Linda’s thorough preparation and vast knowledge of employment law are evident, for me the real difference maker is how Linda manages to gain the respect and confidence of my clients through her patience and ability to quickly address the salient issues in a direct, but non threatening manner. My clients consistently leave the mediation with a very positive feeling and thank me for selecting Linda as their mediator.

Linda Klibanow has a keen ability to focus the parties and achieve results.

Linda was pleasant, respectful, had a solid understanding of employment law and was able to calmly, yet firmly persuade both sides to come together and resolve the case. I would recommend her as an excellent choice to mediate employment disputes.

I think Ms. Klibanow did an excellent job in facilitating settlement. I was impressed with her understanding of the facts and overall analysis of our case.

Linda is an extremely effective mediator. I was very impressed with how thoroughly prepared she was in advance of the mediation. She had clearly done her homework. Because of her substantive knowledge of employment law, she was able to point out the potential weaknesses and strengths of the parties’ respective positions in a diplomatic and respectful manner. Although we were unable to settle the case at the mediation, Linda did not give up and spent countless hours over the course of several days in an attempt to bridge what seemed like an impossible gap between the parties. Her patience and perseverance ultimately proved successful in bringing to resolution a case that I, quite candidly, thought was incapable of settlement. I would highly recommend Linda as a mediator.

Linda was not only a calming influence on all of the parties during a recent (and contentious) sexual harassment case I mediated (as defense counsel) in front of her, but her substantive knowledge of employment law was invaluable. We were able to cut right to the chase and begin serious discussions about what would and wouldn’t likely happen if the case were to go forward to the Summary Judgment stage and/or to Trial. Linda understood our arguments and “strong points,” but was not the least bit shy about pointing out potential weaknesses as well. I would not hesitate to mediate in front of her again.

Linda created a soothing and calming environment to ease the parties’ tension in an otherwise highly contentious race discrimination and harassment dispute. By doing so, she was able to move away from the emotions of the case and focus on the discrete legal issues which resulted in a mutually acceptable resolution of the case.

Linda has worked tenaciously and tirelessly to achieve settlements in cases that were beyond difficult. Linda goes to great lengths to be well-prepared before mediation begins. Not only does she conduct pre-mediation conferences with the attorneys, but she is also ready and knowledgeable regarding the legal issues regarding our cases. By the time of mediation, her 30 years as an attorney enhances her ability to get the parties moving. Linda showed my clients respect and truly listened to their needs. I recommend her services regardless of the subject matter.

I thought that Linda Klibanow was fair, even-handed, very thorough, and was able to achieve resolution in a difficult situation.

Great job, very professional, very efficient, very effective…She was very objective and realistic about the merits of the case while also being sympathetic to emotions of the client. I was very pleased.

I enjoyed working with Linda Klibanow – she was successful in resolving a case that was difficult to settle.

Ms. Klibanow is very skillful in difficult employment mediations. She gained the respect of both sides. We would definitely recommend her.

Linda was an outstanding mediator overall, but really impressed me in two particular areas, her preparation and her determination to achieve a settlement. When we began the mediation, it was apparent that she had not only reviewed the mediation briefs with a fine toothed comb, she had also done her own legal research to get a better handle on the case. Despite her best efforts, we were unable to settle the case at the mediation. Nevertheless, Linda kept in touch with the parties periodically thereafter. When some pretrial rulings caused the opposing party to reevaluate its settlement posture, Linda immediately seized the opportunity and worked doggedly for about six hours on a Friday evening to close the deal. I highly recommend Linda as a mediator.

Linda, I had the opportunity to see you in action recently in a rather contentious EEOC pregnancy discrimination claim, and it was a pleasure to see your work. You remained calm, sympathetic with both sides, and pleasant throughout a very long day, maintain the respect and trust of all parties to the dispute. When you resolved the case, everyone was grateful and relieved. Congratulations to a wonderful mediator.

I appreciated her efforts. She was very knowledgeable and had a good handle on the issues. Linda does her utmost to tackle the issues and resolve the matter at mediation.

Linda was terrific in keeping the parties engaged in the mediation process until a resolution was achieved. Amazingly, adversaries walked out as friends. I’ve rarely seen such a result.

With Linda’s help we settled a matter for over $1 million against the County of Riverside that had been pending for over three years. She remained doggedly on task with poise and courtesy in spite of real pressure being placed on her by both sides. There is no doubt she understands employment law and the mediation process. Thanks Linda!

Many mediators work hard during the hours of the mediation. What distinguishes Linda is her thoroughness from the time she gets the case through the time the case is resolved. Linda began working with us weeks prior to the mediation date, asking us specific, probing questions about non-headline details in our brief. She was of course extremely diligent during the mediation, but was even more impressive as she remained in contact with the parties for weeks afterward to ensure the case not only got resolved, but stayed resolved. Linda is absolutely the most dedicated neutral I’ve ever worked with, and her knowledge of employment law is second to nobody’s.