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L.S. Klibanow – News & Developments

Ms. Klibanow has been recognized as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb).

Recently Ms. Klibanow was quoted in the controversial New York Times 3-part series on consumer arbitration.  Ms. Klibanow, newly FCIArb and also a long-time member of several regional and national arbitral panels, including AAA and NAM, was interviewed by one of the article authors concerning the issue of whether an arbitrator’s economic self-interest in securing “repeat customers” necessarily creates an implicit bias in favor of the institutional (vs. individual) customer.

Speaking in great part in her role as a California employment arbitrator bound by California Supreme Court “Armendariz” fairness principles and personal dedication to securing parties a forum equivalent to that accorded by courts of law, Ms. Klibanow, representing a minority perspective in the article, opined that it’s a matter of personal conscience and that arbitrators could be fair and objective.