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Really, it is so clear what we need to do.  Below is a quick checklist of AG Barr’s impeachable offenses:     

Deliberate distortion and delay of information/Mueller report to protect Trump

Collaboration with Trump re retaliatory terminations to protect Trump

Interference with AG prosecutions—including several in New York where he removed Berman in retaliation for those

Interference in criminal sentencing of Trump’s cronies including former national security officer Michael Flynn

Complicit or commandeering re assigning federal officers to disperse peaceful protest, for the sake of a misleading Trump photo-op.  See, by Marcia Coyle, “A Line was Crossed. SCOTUS Lawyers Denounce Barr Over Move on Lafayette Square Demonstrators,” June 11, 2020, LAW.COM/The National Law Journal[1] [Apparently this is one of the concerns of the New York City Bar probe as to which it is imperative the Bar act with all due speed, which is considerable.]

False recounting of Texas voter fraud case to cast doubt on mail-in balloting.  Ref. article by Alexander Malin, reported in Washington Po

Failing to counter Trump’s encouragement of supporters to “vote twice”—in mail and at the polls

Complicity in attack on U.S. Postal Service–Appointment of De Joy.  [Similarly, Barr removed Berman to appoint someone totally unqualified to be another tool.]

No refutation of Trump’s assertions that he can cut off federal school and other aid of states who “challenge” him.

As noted above, there are proceedings by the NY bar and also the D.C. bar against Barr (why is he not suspended pending these investigations?)  For follow up, see David Smith’s August 2, 2020 article (“Is Trump’s top cop attorney general William bar a danger to democracy?”) published in the Guardian US News.  See also, “Insight: The Ethics Case Against Attorney General Barr.” Joseph Rich in the 7/24/20 U.S. Law Week.[2]

All licensed attorneys must act in concert NOW in as many ways and venues as possible to impeach and remove Barr ASAP and before the election.  See Daniel Goodman’s 8/1/20 “Barr would fire Barr if he were any other Justice Department lawyer,” in the WaPo.

Most Importantly, we must not forget that “members of the public look to lawyers for their perspectives on events involving our government and the rule of law.  We can, and should, educate about the importance of the rule of law and principles of democracy.  That’s not being political, its being professional.”   Jayne Reardon, “What Happens When Lawyers Speak Up,” published at 2Civility Blog 10/10/17.

[1] “Simply put, these actions are immoral, undemocratic, unlawful, and disqualifying for any official in a democratic government….The attorney general, who, according to multiple sources (including the White House), orchestrated the action, must resign or be removed by Congress.” “Any other governmental official who facilitated or condoned deliberate harm to peaceful protesters- allowing the First Amendment to be sacrificed for perceived political gain- must also resign or be held accountable.  The rule of law depends on it.”  Ibid. [emphasis added.]

[2] Federal judges already have found that Barr’s representations before the court “lacked candor” in the manner in which Barr released the Mueller Report to the citizenry—the judge went on to say that Barr “distorted the findings….to influence public discourse.”