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Doomsday Report: More Bad News & Bad Actors

Doomsday Report:  More Bad News & Bad Actors

Still feels awkward to post a blog, kind of like a descriptive doomsday clock watch.  Against a backdrop of the outrageous DeVos Education Dept. budget and reports that Trump’s post-Zinke Interior Dept. nominee David Bernhardt, a career oil/gas industry lobbyist, in late 2017 blocked public release of a report on pesticide risks to endangered species to pursue an alternative process/standard promoted by pesticide lobbyists, following are gathered news reports from the world of labor and employment law.-

It is reported that last December FLRA Chairwoman Kiko announced to the union which has been representing FLRA employees for 40 years that the FLRA would no longer engage in negotiations….

Trump nominee for FLRA General Counsel (vacant since January 2017) is Catherine Bird, herself charged with bad faith bargaining tactics in her capacity as HHS attorney dealing with the National Treasury Employees Union.  These charges are currently before an arbitrator, but any arbitral decision can only be enforced by the FLRA General Counsel!

And Senator Elizabeth Warren has made inquiry to Labor Solicitor Kate O’Scannlain concerning the Department’s pursuit of enforcement actions against employers who require their employees to adhere to mandatory pre-dispute employment agreements, which, as a matter of law, are not binding against government enforcement agencies.  Apparently O’Scannlain recently commented publicly that the Department has “not taken a definitive stance” as to whether or not to pursue litigation against Companies employees of which have signed arbitration agreements, and O’Scannlain has asked attorneys in regional offices to “flag” such cases…